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Jorge da Cruz

Jorge da Cruz
Hans-Leistikow-Straße 24A
34134 Kassel

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Bild:da Cruz


I was born on the 25th June 1974, in Lisbon, where I normally live and work.
For a long time now, I’ve been allying my work as a painter to the endless research for and adaptation to new materials, tools and physical media that better convey my artistic vision. The main goal is to learn, through experimenting, about new ways of painting and of understanding colour and matter itself.
Mobility has guided my artistic path. The concept of moving my workspace and thus getting to find and work with different materials and people, is the guiding line of my work. Last year I stayed in Nellikuppam, in Tamil Nadu, South India. As I see it, in a way my work there was a turning point as far as I understand the concept of artistic settlement. The project was called “Utopia x Matter”, and focused on the duality of explosive physical material manifestations and the deep sense of spirituality felt all around in every little thing. All pieces resulting from this project were conceived exclusively with local materials, like religious pigments, handmade paint, artisan paper, etc. I believe this apparent difficulty to work with materials that are strange to my background is absorbed in such a way that enables an important process of constant learning and improving for me, as I adapt to my individual artistic context whole new ways of working and achieving my purposes aesthetically.

I don’t focus on the initial moment set by a blank canvas, nor do I sacralize the finished painting - the process through which each work is produced, that is my main concern, the way I can employ on my work some sort of ethnographic artisanal method of manipulating different techniques. Production is, in itself, the great galvanizing force behind my work. All of it has been, in one way or another, subjected to various artisan-like, quasi-ethnographic processes and techniques – all of them diversified, free and open to results.

I can say that I have been trying, on every artistic residence I’ve been to, to explore as deeply as I can a multicultural angle of art, working in close partnership with the local artists and using only local materials both in painting and drawing, in permanent dialogue with the local communities.
Furthermore, it is most important for me to keep an open channel for communication and exchange, one that will show constantly different dimensions of my work and, obviously, of my path as a visual artist.

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Kurze Vita

Jorge L. Cruz was born in June, 1974, in Lisbon, where he lives and works most of the time. He has his own vocational training in Visual Arts at the renowned A.R.C.O - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, from 1991 to 1994. Since then, he has been developing a consistent body of work, most of it created within a model of artistic residence.
He also participates regularly in exhibitions out of the commercial circuit. The last ones took place in Lisbon - Centro Cultural dos Bacalhoeiros, Instituto Italiano, Projecto T0 no espaço Interpress, Complexo Vittoriano in Rome and BuchOase in Kassel.Production is, in itself, the great galvanizing force behind this artistic route in particular: Jorge L. Cruz has been, for a long time, allying his painting to a constant search for new and exciting materials, techniques and media that he can experiment with, and eventually incorporate into his works, manipulating and combining in the hope of getting to new processes and understandings as far as matter is concerned. Taking this concept as the basis of all he does, and putting it together with a desired mobility, he has participated in some artistic settlments. The last ones took place in Kenitra; Chefchaouen (Morocco); Évora and Mértola (Portugal); Amazonia (Brasil); Auroville (India) and Bad Arolsen (Germany) and normally the development of all the work produced while in residence tends to absorb the local aesthetics and follow an exclusive use of local materials. All of his work has been, in one way or another, subjected to various artisan-like, quasi-ethnographic processes and techniques – all of them diversified, free and open to results.

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Bild:da Cruz
Bild:da Cruz
Bild:da Cruz